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In Search of Arctic Grayling - 4K

For over thirty years I have wanted to catch an arctic grayling. Iíve hiked and fished the high Uinta mountains several times over the years but have never had any luck catching this beautiful fish. So I decided to give it another try last week. The Crystal Lake Trailhead leads to the Long Lake loop trail which takes you to Marjorie Lake. This is a good but rocky trail. It winds through forests and meadows with several small ponds along the way. There are a few short steeper sections that will get your heart pumping.


The lake sits at almost ten thousand feet and is about 13 acres with a maximum depth of 16 feet. Itís a beautiful setting and the lake is primarily used for fishing brook trout and arctic grayling. Originally the lake was constructed as a reservoir, but since the Jordanelle Reservoir was built, it no longer serves that purpose. Now it provides fish and wildlife habitat. I was wondering if the lake would be low because of the drought but it was filled to the top when we arrived. Itís a beautiful area and I have never seen more than one or two people there when I have been there before.


I realized that I was going to have to try something different this time so I looked through my collection of flies, spinners and lures and decided to use this little lure. It has a small propeller attached to the front of the fly that creates a vibration action and sound that has proven to be really effective with other fish. So, thatís what I decided to try this time. Luckily it worked and while I was reeling it in on my first cast the fish hit it hard. I was surprised at what a good fighter the fish was and when I got it to shore I could see the beauty of this amazing fish. It has an unusually large dorsal fin along its back and its lower fins match the iridescent coloration of the dorsal fin. After creating a secure little live well at the edge of the lake to keep the fish alive I decided to try my luck at catching a brook trout.


These two fish are definitely my favorites for color, fight, and taste. It wasnít long before I had a beautiful brook trout on my line, which was a perfect companion to the grayling for a tasty lunch. I had brought some aluminum foil, butter and salt. So we built a small fire and cooked the fish in the coals. They were a perfect complement to the fruit that we had brought for a snack. Overall, we hiked eight and a half miles on this trip. If you ever want a short and amazing adventure, I highly recommend a hike into the High Uintas where you never know what you will catch! Music credit: John Barry - Out of Africa Soundtrack - End Title-You Are Karen




Print the Photo You Choose on Beautiful Acrylic


 Tremendous Vibrancy

●  Gorgeous Acrylic Glass Look

Choose any of my photos and get them printed directly onto crystal clear acrylic. Direct printing on acrylic offers astounding picture clarity and detail while creating a beautiful optical depth to the image. Your custom acrylic print will be printed on the back of 1/4" thick crystal clear acrylic. We print on the back side for added protection from scratching and a distinctive sheen and depth for your custom acrylic print.

Beautifully Finished Edges


Our acrylic prints include a frosted edge.





With the durability of a hard plastic and the beauty of glass, hang your acrylic print where youíd like it and trust that it will last for years to come.

Perfect Thickness:
All our prints are gallery quality 1/4" thick acrylic.

High Resolution & Clarity:
With our world class large format printers thereís no need to mount photo paper on your acrylic when we can print direct to surface. This direct to surface print will ensure an amazing level of clarity and detail.

Hanging your Print:
We can provide your fine art print with either metal standoffs or an easy-to-install French Cleat.



●  Hand-Wrapped Gallery-Quality Canvas Prints

●  7-Day Turnaround Time

●  Stunning and Affordable Home Decor For Any Room

Print the image you select as a beautiful canvas print. Digitally printed on gallery-quality semi-gloss canvas, these prints are perfect for any office or home. Hand-wrapped across a 1.5" wooden frame your print comes with a sawtooth bracket for quick installation and hanging. Choose from three edge options and get your canvas print today!

Our canvas prints come in a wide variety of sizes including square and panoramic sizes perfect for whatever image you choose. Order a single print, several prints for a wall collage or take one image and split it across multiple sizes to create a multi-panel print.

●  Easy to Hang:
A sawtooth bracket with every print means your canvas can be ready to be hang within minutes after taking it out of the box.

●  Hand Crafted:
Each and every one of our custom canvas prints is hand crafted, stretched and stapled to a wood frame.

●  Frame Thickness:
1.5Ē stretcher frame for a beautiful and bold print.

●  Image Quality:
World class printers coupled with superior canvas ensure that your photo is printed with rich color.




Full Wrap
Your design or picture will be wrapped onto all four edges of your print.


Your design or picture will be mirrored onto all four edges of your print.


Brilliant White
A soft, white edge will be printed for all four edges of your print.


Midnight Black
A dark, black edge will be printed on all four edges of your print.



Our large matte photo prints are digitally printed on professional photo quality paper and come out looking as rich and as vibrant as real life. Matte prints can be framed in a frame of your choice (not included). These matte pictures will be a stunning addition to any home or office decor.

You will love the crisp, clear and rich look of your print on professional matte photo paper.


●  Affordable:
Get the benefits of professional archival photo paper at a price that wonít break the bank.

●  Long Lasting:
Printed with fade-resistant ink, our professional photo paper is archival quality and graded to last 100+ years with proper care and management when hung indoors.

●  Print Quality:
Be amazed at the crisp printing and deep, rich saturation of color on professional photo paper. Your pictures will come to life on your walls!

We will mount your print to 1/4" high-density foam board, giving it a lightweight, smooth, and substantial rigid backing, ready to frame.

Optional French Cleat
Use the optional pre-attached French cleat to quickly display your matte print on any non-porous rigid surface. The peel and stick portion of the French cleat is quickly put in place and your print hung in a matter of minutes.





If you would like to discuss printing your favorite image on any other medium or size or framed, just give me a call and we will be happy to provide you with a custom quotation. Most photos can be printed as large as 96" wide, depending on the printing material and surface. Contact me for additional information on larger sizes or other printing materials available.


Remember, all orders are shipped to you free within the United States. International orders require a custom quote. Please contact me at (801) 369-2225 if you have any questions.



Framed Print of a Waterfall in Oregon






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